Saturday, February 17, 2018

Week of February 12th

We had quite the week in first grade! So many things to celebrate!

On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! That’s 100 days of hard-work, learning, growing,
and having fun! We spent all day doing 100th day math, writing, 100th day challenges, and more!
We also had a Four Winds visit and learned all about skulls!

On Wednesday we filled the day with love and kindness to celebrate Valentine’s Day! We gave out
compliments; we made “Love Monsters” and talked about how we can spread love to others; we
made valentines to people we love--we filled the day with all things Valentine’s Day!

On Friday afternoon we learned about the Chinese New Year. We also learned about the Chinese
Zodiac--2018 is the year of the dog! We learned about the many ways to celebrate the New Year
and we made our own dragons and lanterns.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week of January 29th

This week we traveled to Tiananmen square--the world’s largest square to do some kite flying! We walked parts of the Great Wall of China and students tried to make their own but they ran out of time before they made it to 13,00 miles. They did make it all the way across the classroom! We also took a trip down the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Students made their own sampan and junk boats to sail down the rivers!

I love how engaged students are in math! On Wednesday, they worked to create shapes on geoboards, explored true and false number statements, and practiced their doubles facts.

Students have been working hard finishing up their book reviews. They practiced reading their reviews in order to convince their audience. Students practiced on each other before they share their reviews with others.

Week of January 22nd

Ni Hao!

This week we boarded the plane to China and have started to learn explore Beijing. We boarded the plane with our passports, suitcases, and tickets in hand! We took off from Burlington on a once-in-a-lifetime direct flight to Beijing! We started with a trip to the Forbidden City to see where the emperors used to live! We compared the Imperial Place to the White House and the National Mall. The Forbidden City has a moat, 90 palaces, and 8,707 rooms! We also talked about how much older China is compared to the USA.

Has your child been abuzz with talk of a number scroll? Many students have been using every spare moment to work on their number scrolls! They are budding mathematicians using their place value knowledge to build numbers in the hundreds and even thousands! I can’t wait to see how far each student goes!