Monday, March 5, 2018

Week of February 19th

What a busy week! We celebrated Presidents' Day by reading biographies about Abraham Lincoln
and George Washington. The class was really into learning about our Presidents--we learned a lot of
facts in the book I grew up to be President! Did you know Thomas Jefferson introduced ice cream
to the USA? Students practiced their math facts with an Abraham Lincoln craft! They are the
cutest Abe Lincoln's I've ever seen!

I'm happy to say that Math Scroll frenzy is still going strong. Students still use much of their
free time to work on their scrolls. Here are a couple of our master scroll mathematicians!

Half the class went to visit their Kindergarten teachers and read their book reviews to current
Kindergarten friends! All students practiced reading their book reviews with expression and
fluency. The rest of the class will read theirs after break!