Friday, September 29, 2017

Week of September 25th

Hello Families!

We had another great week in First Grade!

This week in writing we learned how to bring our writing to life by making our people move and talk in our illustrations. Check some of the awesome work. One student wrote a small moment about our Writer’s Workshop lesson about bringing our small moment to life!

In Social Studies we’ve been learning about feelings. We’ve read a lot of great books and had good discussions about what characters are feeling and times that we have felt the same way. We read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. We talked about how Alexander was feeling and what we can do when we are having our own ‘very bad days.” We made doorknob hangers to let others know when we are having a good day and when we have bad days. The class was very creative!

We practiced our compliment circle again this week. We used our compliment starters to help us give genuine compliments. When we do a compliment circle we get to sit in a special way which I call “long legs” or  “daddy long legs.” When we get a compliment then sit criss-cross. This lets the class know that they have received a compliment and to choose someone who is sitting with “long legs.” It’s one of the few times we get to sit this way so it adds some excitement! The kids all go to rug and exclaim “don’t forget to sit with daddy long legs!”

PPS has managed to earn a celebration at our All-School Morning Meeting four weeks in a row! I’ve been told that we made history when we earned three in a row and we did it again this week! We earned a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament.

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