Friday, November 3, 2017

Week of October 31st

This week was four days of fun and hard work! Thank you to everyone who joined us and/or brought something for the Halloween Parade and Party! It was so much fun! The kids had a blast. With the unexpected Monday off, we spent Tuesday morning getting the classroom ready for Halloween by making a giant paper chain. I hope you glanced up and saw it hanging from the ceiling. They exceeded my expectations and made a paper chain at least 300 links long (I stopped counting at 100). This was no ordinary paper chain, each link had a number model (also called a number sentence or equation). This was a great way to practice writing number models and solve equations. The equations were really creative! We also write about our costumes and practiced our hundreds chart skills with a mystery picture!

We started our science unit on Solids and Liquids. We explored the properties of solids by looking at a variety of objects and seeing if they were flexible or rigid, smooth or rough, flat or pointed, etc. Just look at these scientists hard at work!

In reading we've been working hard on retelling! We retell the characters, setting, events (beginning, middle, end), problem and solution, and the central message.

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