Friday, January 12, 2018

Week of January 8th

We’re back at it in first grade! After winter break, a two-day week, and a snow day students were ready to get back into the groove!

This week students practiced writing a complete sentence! We learned a song, corrected sentences, and made sentence buddies! (picture coming soon…)

Students are working hard in math to practice their place value understanding. They played a new
game and exchanged ten pennies for a dime from the “bank.”

Students learned the difference between a fact and opinion last week. These week they practiced
stating their opinion and supporting it with a reason! We played Would You dancing
around the room and stopping to talk to the nearest partner when the music stopped! I read a
question and they shared their opinion and supported it with a “because…” statement.

“Would you rather swim in a pool filled with spiders or a pool filled with snakes?”

“A pool of spiders because they can’t swim!” (just one great opinion of the day!)

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