Monday, September 4, 2017

Our First Week

Hello Everyone!

We had a great first week in first grade! We have already done so much! I am so proud of the our class as we adjust back into the swing of school! They have all worked so hard.

We played lots of get to know you games and activities which will continue for the next couple of week! These are important to help us learn more about each other, make connections, and build our classroom community.

In math, we explored manipulatives that we will use throughout the year. A class favorite were geoboards and pattern blocks. Both are great learning tools and the kids had a lot of fun exploring them. We also took a survey on how we got to school on the first day!

In literacy, we practiced our handwriting with both letters and numbers. We also read On Market Street and came up with our own alliterative people! Some examples are: Ashlyn is made of art, Ethan is made of erasers, Aidan is made of acorns, Christopher is made of cars, Lexis is made of Lamps, Mason is made of M&Ms, Madison is made of marbles, and Max is made on Megalodons!

We wrote “I like…” books that helped us get to know what everyone likes. We wrote what we like, drew illustrations, and shared our books with the class. Some of my favorites were: crayons, soldiers, playing outside, flowers, and PPS.

On Friday we had our first All-School Meeting! The students got a reminder of our school expectations and Warm Fuzzies!

Also, bear with me as I figure out the best way to include pictures on Blogger! I want to include a lot of pictures with these posts but I don’t love the way that Blogger formats pictures. I’m playing around with this and will add pictures to this post as soon as possible!

I hope you all are have enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!

All the Best,

Ms. Carilo

Communication update: Blog posts will be posted on Fridays (this weekend was the exception as I had to head out to Connecticut and didn't have Internet!) Newsletters with updates on the upcoming week will be posted on Mondays. I'm going to stick to this schedule as best as I can!

Our Pattern Block creations.
Ask your child what they built!

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