Friday, September 8, 2017

Week of September 5th

What a fun week in first grade! It has been a dreary week so we made rainbows to help brighten up our classroom. Unfortunately, I’m not tall enough to hang them from the ceiling so a picture will be added next week when I have some help! We continue to do get-to-know you activities to help build our classroom community.

We learned a good morning song called “I Say Hello There.” Here is a video of us singing! We will be singing a lot throughout the year! Ask them to sing it for you!

We read the book Molly Lu Melon and talked about the ways that she stood tall. We made our own Molly Lu Melons with all of the ways that we stand tall! We stand tall when we are proud to be ourselves! We stand tall by being: brave, strong, confident, kind, smart, friendly, special, magical, musical. We don’t give up and we keep on getting stronger! We got some of our ideas from this and Sesame Street video. We watched it so many times! We danced along too!

We started our Everyday Math Curriculum this week. I hope the parent letters were informative. We played a few math games such as Penny-dice in which kids practice counting to twenty. We also made counting books to practice subitzing numbers 1-10! We’ve practiced our fluency in counting by fives and by ones.

We continue to practice our handwriting so that when we get to writing stories we can do our very best work!

I hope your child had a great second week in first grade! They are working hard everyday! I already love spending my days with them!

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