Friday, September 15, 2017

Week of September 11th

Hello again!

We did it! We survived our first FULL week of first grade and it was awesome! We did so much everyday that I may have forgotten to take pictures along the way... but there are a few!

I did manage to get a picture of the rainbows that we made last week! They help to brighten the classroom and look great next to the windows!

Our math routine is off to a great start! We’ve been practicing counting up to 20 and then back down to 0. We've done some dot-to-dots to help us practice. We also learned two new games this week: Top-It and Bunny Hop! Both games have been a lot of fun!

This week we started learning about friendship! We read Big Al by Andrew Clements and talked about what it means to be a good friend and how we can be good a good friend.

There were also two very exciting things that happened this week! We anxiously awaited the arrival of our new rug all week until it finally arrived on Thursday. The kids were so excited for the new rug! We now have more room on the rug and more color in the classroom! I can’t wait to do lots of great learning on our new rug! You can sneak a peek at the rug in a few of the pictures above!

The other exciting thing was that we got to sing a song at our All-School Morning Meeting today (Friday 9/15)! This was pretty last minute, it wouldn’t have happened if Principal Millham hadn’t walked in on us singing one day! It’s the song you can hear us singing in last week's blog post. I’m not sure if anyone was recording us singing but I’ll ask around!

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