Friday, October 27, 2017

Week October 23rd

What a busy week we’ve had!

In math we’ve worked hard finishing up Unit 2 and starting Unit 3. Unit 3 focuses on using addition and subtraction to solve number stories. On Thursday we did math explorations! We compared lengths, we matched pairs, and we practiced counting larger numbers. The kids worked so hard and were brilliant mathematicians!

To celebrate Fall we made torn paper trees and wrote poems about Autumn. The trees came out great and add a nice bit of Fall to our hallways!

We had some awesome visits from local community helpers. Libby and Megan came from Colchester Rescue to talk about their work as and EMS. Officer Mellen came to talk about his job as a police officer. We also had two parents come in and talk about their jobs as a dispatcher and as a health insurance salesperson. The kids did great for all of our guests; we’re working hard on asking questions not just telling stories.

This week was also our walking field trip! We had beautiful weather this Friday and the students enjoyed walking around Porters Point Road to explore the places and community helpers that are all around us.

Some highlights from our short week last week. We practiced our Short O words doing a scoot. Students traveled with a pencil and clipboard, they sorted the words hung around the room based on their short o word family. The kids had a great time! We also learned about dentists and teachers as community helpers.

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