Friday, October 13, 2017

Week of October 9th

What a fabulous Friday we had to finish out an awesome week!

Our Community Helpers unit continued with making maps of a community, real or imagined. Some students wanted to make their own neighborhood; other students wanted to create their own communities! We did a "Scoot" where students travel around the room and make observations about different types of community helpers. It was a fun way to get up and moving around the room to kick off our learning about community helpers. We also got to see fire truck and learn about fire safety!

This week we’ve been practicing our short vowels and continue to practice our sight words. On Friday we had stations to practice our sight words. Building words with Play-Doh was a big hit!

In Math on Friday we learned about XtraMath--a program designed to help students practice their basic math facts and build math fact fluency. We continue to practice our math skills through math games!

We had our first Four Winds lesson! The kids were so excited! We learned about spiders and different spider adaptations. We took a walk in the forest to search for spiders and spider webs. We also made a web as we shared what we learned about spiders! The kids can’t wait for the next lesson!

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