Friday, December 8, 2017

Week of December 4th

We had another great week in first grade!

This week in math students learned how to represent and interpret data using a bar graph. They also practiced doubles facts and combinations to tens. They shared strategies to solve these facts and discussed how they are all still working to get better (and faster!) at solving these equations!

We also spent a lot of time coding this week! This week students participated in the Hour of Code as part of the Computer Science Education Week!Students explored Scratch Jr. independently and with partners. Students had to problem solve and complete tasks.

This week students practiced identifying nouns and verbs! We learned two chants to help us remember the difference. Have your student teach you our chants!

We’ve had another science filled week! We focused on clouds. We read books, sang a song, and made our own clouds. The students were so busy at work making cotton ball clouds. They did a great job making each cloud look different and like the right type of cloud! I may have forgotten to get the camera out as we were having so much fun but check out a few examples! Next week we’ll use what we know about clouds to learn about the water cycle!

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